Thursday, 31 May 2012

12 Tags of 2012 May but only just

May has been a very busy Month for me. I have had a birthday, another year has just flown by and yes the police men look even younger. I haven't made as much time to be creative as I should have this month so next month I am going to try to be creative every day not that I will blog every day you understand, but I will try to blog more often. Who knows I might succeed. Well it is nearly10pm on the 31st and you have guessed I have just finished my Tag for Tim Holtz's 12 tags for 2012.

The pattern paper is from a pattern for dungarees that I made in the early 70's. I remember them well they were made of red denim material and I had to walk down the catwalk for the school fashion show. It went better than the choir concert the previous year at least I didn't fall off the back of the stage.
The dress is a Kanban stamp coloured with Prisma colouring pencils  a bit of ribbon and a few stickers. Add a bit of distress, a little flower holder that I have had in my stash for ages and don't remember where it came from and some artificial flowers and as the french say viola.

I would say have a crafty day but the day is nearly over so I will say sweet crafty dreams.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Red White and Blue

It seems that where ever you go these days every thing is red white and blue (in Britain that is) from bunting and flags to exceedingly good fondant fancies from that iconic British cake company. I personally don't care for fondant fancies but every week when I go to the supermarket I am tempted to buy some for mouse who does like them. But I am digressing the point i was going to make is that this nation seems to really getting behind this years jubilee celebrations not to mention the Olympics later in the year. It seems that in the years running up to the Olympics everybody has had something to say some good some bad. When the Olympic symbol was first released it was slated from all corners now it is a symbol we see everyday and I expect that most don't even notice it any more being on so many sponsors packaging and advertising but it puts a smile on my face,it has sort of grown on me and I suspect on a lot of other Brit's as well.

A few weeks ago we had a delivery of Kanban goods among them some clear stamps including a set of dresses. I made a few demo's for the shop and the recent craft show but thought they would look good in red white and blue so below is a pic of a mixed media canvas I have recently finished called Red, White and Blue, which is sort of my tribute to 2012.

I think I am going to have to take a course in photography or may be it just that the glass bead gel medium (Golden) doesn't reflect the light as much as I thought, but the cream coloured section is a crown that seems to show up much better when not viewed through a lens.Any how I am pleased with the effect in real life so to speak you can the writing from the paper background underneath it.

I am sort of having a day off, I  went to work at lunch time for a couple of hours as we are so busy at present, but now I am feeling creative so I am off to play despite the fact the housework isn't done but hey that's life.

Keep crafting